Dental Trays

Dental kit for short range.

• Dimensions : 110*69*36mm
• Equipment : Silicone strips, Siliblocks and standard grommets.

Modular dental kit, suitable for small instrumentation as well as implants.

• Dimensions : 200*100*30 mm
• Equipment : Silicone strips, silicone mat, Radel inner tray with Siliblocks and standard grommets.

Reference model of sterilization trays for your dental ranges. Best Seller.

• Dimensions : 175*129*45 mm
• Equipment : Silicone strips, silicone mat, Siliblocks and standard grommets.

Ideal tray solution for your complete range of dental instruments.

• Dimensions : 272*158*50 mm
• Equipment: Silicone strips, silicone mat, Siliblock and standard grommets.

Instrument sterilization trays

Radel tray perfectly adapted to small instruments.

• Dimensions : 140*55*17 mm
• Equipment : Silicone strips and mats

Ideal Radel trays for small and medium instrumentation.

• Dimensions 2217 : 200*135*32 mm

• Dimensions 2818 :  272*158*34 mm

• Dimensions 3020 : 270*173*40 mm

• Equipment : Silicone strips and mats. Plastic Radel lid only.

Thermoformed Radel tray for medium and large instrumentation.

• Dimensions 3423 : 300*195*52 mm

• Dimensions 5324 : 490*200*60 mm (also available in 102mm high)

• Equipment : Silicone strips and mats. Lid only available in plastic Radel with stainless steel handles.

The thermoforming process allows the creation of a specific Radel tray. Its unique shape will ensure an optimal holding of your instruments, without silicone strips.

• Dimensions : Tailor made
• Equipment : No equipment required

• Other: 3D files of the instruments are required to proceed with a feasibility analysis.


New flat grommet solution, assembled into the Radel inner trays.

Advantages: Simplification of cleaning steps / Reduction of contact areas with instruments / Modularity

Technical data: Transparent solution available in 4 sizes: 1.5 / 2.35/ 4 & 7 mm / Silk-screening recommended to color the inner tray.

Grommets available in several sizes: diameter 2.35 / 4 / 5 & 7.3 mm

Several colors: red, yellow, blue, white, grey, mauve, green, brown, pink…

Laser printing process, allowing you to print text and logo on your trays.

Fully customisable color printing process to mark your trays and sets.

Laser-cut silicone strip for optimal instrument holding.

Colors: Blue, Grey, Black. Other colors upon request.

Silicone mats to be placed in the base. Size customization according to the chosen tray model.

Available colors: blue & grey. Other colors upon request.