Dental Trays

Dental kit for short range.

• Dimensions : 110*69*36mm
• Equipment : Silicone strips, Siliblocks and standard grommets.

Modular dental kit, suitable for small instrumentation as well as implants.

• Dimensions : 200*100*30 mm
• Equipment : Silicone strips, silicone mat, Radel inner tray with Siliblocks and standard grommets.

Reference model of sterilization trays for your dental ranges. Best Seller.

• Dimensions : 175*129*45 mm
• Equipment : Silicone strips, silicone mat, Siliblocks and standard grommets.

Ideal tray solution for your complete range of dental instruments.

• Dimensions : 272*158*50 mm
• Equipment: Silicone strips, silicone mat, Siliblock and standard grommets.

Ideal solution for your multiple ranges of dental implantology.

Using removable inserts, you can offer different alternative kits by separating standard tools from specific elements.

• Dimensions : 170*170*65 mm

• Equipment: removable inserts, silicone strips and mats, Siliblocks eyelets and standard eyelets.

Instrument sterilization trays

Radel tray perfectly adapted to small instruments.

• Dimensions : 140*55*17 mm
• Equipment : Silicone strips and mats

Ideal Radel trays for small and medium instrumentation.

• Dimensions 2217 : 200*135*32 mm

• Dimensions 2818 :  272*158*34 mm

• Dimensions 3020 : 270*173*40 mm

• Equipment : Silicone strips and mats. Plastic Radel lid only.

Thermoformed Radel tray for medium and large instrumentation.

• Dimensions 3423 : 300*195*52 mm

• Dimensions 5324 : 490*200*60 mm (also available in 102mm high)

• Equipment : Silicone strips and mats. Lid only available in plastic Radel with stainless steel handles.

The thermoforming process allows the creation of a specific Radel tray. Its unique shape will ensure an optimal holding of your instruments, without silicone strips.

• Dimensions : Tailor made
• Equipment : No equipment required

• Other: 3D files of the instruments are required to proceed with a feasibility analysis.


New flat grommet solution, assembled into the Radel inner trays.

Advantages: Simplification of cleaning steps / Reduction of contact areas with instruments / Modularity

Technical data: Transparent solution available in 4 sizes: 1.5 / 2.35/ 4 & 7 mm / Silk-screening recommended to color the inner tray.

Grommets available in several sizes: diameter 2.35 / 4 / 5 & 7.3 mm

Several colors: red, yellow, blue, white, grey, mauve, green, brown, pink…

Laser printing process, allowing you to print text and logo on your trays.

Fully customisable color printing process to mark your trays and sets.

Laser-cut silicone strip for optimal instrument holding.

Colors: Blue, Grey, Black. Other colors upon request.

Silicone mats to be placed in the base. Size customization according to the chosen tray model.

Available colors: blue & grey. Other colors upon request.